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Childress Concrete Company
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About Us

Many customers like to know about the company and people behind the concrete products they buy. Here CCC will tell you a little about ourselves and our company.

Our Business Philosophy

The objective of Childress Concrete is to provide  high quality concrete products and reliable service for our customers. We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and using our concrete products as much as we enjoyed providing them for you.

Our Employees

Employees play an important role in any business. Here is where we get a chance to tell you a little about ourselves.
James Marion Childress, owner
Lewisburg Office
Carol Williams, Office Manager
Ewell Caldwell, Shop Manager
Joel Childress, Quality Control
Fayetteville Office
Andrea J. Childress, Office & Sales
        - 2006-08 TCA Board of Directors
Stuart Childress, Plant Supervisor/ batcher

Childress Concrete Company has employees certified/licensed in the following areas to help better serve our customers....


ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade 1

ACI Level 1, 2 & 3

TCA Batch Plant Operator

TDOT Class 2 Concrete Technician

TDOT Class 3 Concrete Technician

ACI Flatwork Certification

NRMCA Concrete Sales Professional

NRMCA Pervious Contractor Certification

Commercial Driver License - Classes AM, B

                                                     & Endorsements X, N


Childress Concrete Company also has employees educated in...


ACI Special Concrete Inspector

NRMCA Concrete Sales Professional

NRMCA Technical/Product Knowledge

NRMCA Customer Business Knowledge

NRMCA General Business Knowledge

NRMCA Professional Sales Skills



** American Concrete Institute (ACI)

** Tennessee Concrete Association (TCA)

** National Ready Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA)

** Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT)



Our Company

The Childress Concrete Company operations started in January 1, 1972 inside of Belfast Rock Company by J. Marion Childress.  In 1974 he partnered with his brother, Paul M. Childress. They then moved the location into Lewisburg on Ellington Parkway.  In 1989 the Childress brothers decided to expand & bought out Hamliton Builder Supply.  The CCC's operations began in Fayetteville in 1990. Childress family still privately owns Childress Concrete.

In memory of Paul Marshall Childress.  

November 4, 1952 - August 24, 1995

Time Line:

January 1, 1972 - Childress Concrete was established inside of Belfast Rock Company by Marion Childress.

1974 - Marion Childress partnered with Paul Childress and relocated Childress Concrete's office to 725 Ellington Parkway.

1989 -  Childress Concrete bought out Hamilton Builders in Fayetteville.

January 1, 1990 - Childress Concrete of Fayetteville opened.

1995 - Childress Concrete of Lewisburg began switch over to front discharge mixer.

August 24, 1995 - Paul Childress (owner/partner) flipped in rear discharge mixer on Old Belfast Rd.

December 31, 2001 - Childress Concrete of Fayetteville brought a new office.

February 4, 2002 - Andrea Childress began working at the Childress Concrete of Fayetteville office.

May 7, 2002 - Childress Concrete of Fayetteville's old office was torn down.

October 11, 2002 - Stuart Childress began working/driving for the Childress Concrete Co. of Fayetteviile's office.

September 24, 2003 - 1st load delivered with front discharge trucks from Fayetteville's office.

January 2, 2004 -  Stuart Childress became Fayetteville's plant forman.

January 2006 - Andrea Childress was nominated to the TCA Board of Directors.

February 7, 2006 - Barbara A. Swinford retired on her 65 birthday after working for almost 46 in the concrete company's office for Bob Hamliton & then Marion Childress.

Our Shops

Here are pictures of our shops.

Lewisburg Office
Fayetteville Office

Childress Concrete Company of Fayetteville & Lewisburg, Tennessee.