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Who is AJCreations ...

Freelance Operation

AJCreation... Freelance
Graphic Design, Painting, Photography....

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The objective of AJCreations is to provide a high quality design and reliable service for the clients. AJCreations hopes you will enjoy visiting this web site and the creativity as much as it was enjoyed providing it for you.
"Think BIG... start small"

Photo Credits: Chandra Dye Medellin




AJC's Resume


Ms. Andrea J. Childress created AJCreations in 2000 with painting & freelance graphic design services.

Andrea J. Childress was born in the summer of 1976, and was raised in Tennessee. She is the oldest of George and Anna Childress's six children. Andrea is the granddaughter of Edith Childress & the late G.E. Childress of Lewisburg, Tennessee; Ruth & Gene McLean of Pontiac, Michigan and the late Stanley Maynard of Houston, Texas.

She graduated Marshall County High School in May 1995. She continued her education at The University of North Alabama in Florence.  Andrea is a sister of Alpha Delta Pi sorority and was also active in many other organizations on UNA's campus. She served as the President of the Art Student Association, the Graphic Designer for the Flor-Ala Newspaper, the First Vice President of the Advertising Federation, a NCAA Ambassador for Division II College Football, a member of the 1st UNA Women's Soccer team & a representative for the University Program Council. She graduated The University of North Alabama in December of 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in Art with a special emphasis in Graphic Design and a minor in Marketing.

After graduation, Marco Printing Company employed Andrea. In January of 2001 she was promoted to the company's Lewisburg Printing office. There she designed magazines such The Spotted Saddle Horse News along with programs, brochures, books, flyers and logos. She was also a member of the LPC's marketing team. In February of 2002, she began doing full time freelance graphic design out of her own office called AJCreations.

In Andrea's free time she does painting, gardening & volunteer work. She is also a member of the Frist Center for the Visual Arts, Marshall County Art Guild, Junior Auxiliary of Lewisburg & North Alabama (Tennessee Valley) Alumnae Association.  (See resume for details.)